Goat Dealing

So we got a new goat. Yay! She’s adorable and named Clover.

While she and Daisy are getting to know each other, Clover is in a large cage in the garage. Daisy has the rest of the garage. We will move them to their pasture when they are acclimated to each other.

So how did this happen? Quickly, that’s how.

After The failure at the advanced auction, and the lack of does at the chicken auction, we decided to start looking at other private sales. We looked at websites and Craigslist. We settled in for a long search for a new kid. No one had kids for sale, they were all yearling does in milk. We are not prepared for milking.

So we researched how to dry up a goat that is in milk. OK, got it. Figured we could get some milk until we got her to stop milking.

We called the lady, and she was so very sorry, the only does she had were kids. Woohoo! So we agree to meet her husband in Hutch in the parking lot at the entrance to the park.

We pull up, and there’s a cop just chilling in the parking lot. We roll up and park.

And wait. And wait. While waiting, I pull out the cash for the goat and recount it because of course I did.

So the cop sees a couple pull up and park, then flash cash. The goat’s owner pulls up and we begin the transaction. I’m sure the cop was confused… especially when upon completion of the transaction, the Husband comes back around the truck carrying a goat.

The cop drove off at that point.

Because we are us, it was almost dark.

She’s happily installed at her new home, and even went to the vet for her wellness check and got her vaccines.

Yay! Now we have goatS!

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