No Does

So we went to the chicken auction yesterday in search of a doe kid. Nothing but Billys and wethers. Well damn.

Daisy needs a friend. So we trawled the livestock sales websites, and asked in the local Facebook group. We shall see what happens.

Since we have no goat content, we go to NoDoz content. I am of a certain age that I watched lots of Saved By The Bell. Most of the time it was ironically.

One summer, I was teaching swimming lessons (still my favorite job ever). I had seven classes in the morning, and seven in the afternoon/evening. My day was get up, teach, go home, have lunch and nap, then watch four episodes of SBTB (two channels had back to back episodes), and then go back to work, dinner, then bed. There were entire weeks where I didn’t wear shoes except when I had to go to church.

So what ties all of these things together? The television masterpiece that is the episode where Jessie gets addicted to caffeine.

Caffeine. Not even ephedra, which was, IIRC, still legal and readily available at quickie marts. Caffeine. *chugs diet coke*

Well, in any case – no does at the auction, but we have options.

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