Just In Time!

So we have a broody hen (actually three, but we aren’t letting two of them keep eggs). She’s been in the upper left corner of the nesting boxes.

We’ve been meaning to move her to the nursery coop, but *gestures widely*. So finally on Sunday we moved the coop from the old yard to the new one.

It needed some rehab, so I did the minimum to get it in shape for the broody and the new chicks. Not everything, but enough.

Ok, so mainly it was fixing the doors so that they stay closed. I still need to work on the door to the coop, and put on more hardware cloth to patch a hole, but for now it is good enough.

I finally got the rehab done on Tuesday. I guessed that we had about 4 or 5 days before we got chicks.

We did not.

Hello little one!

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