Bees Are Buzzing

Fed the bees today. They made it through the cold snap.

Here’s our makeshift windbreak.

We are much more comfortable these days around the bees. I went sans gloves to take pictures.

They are busily building comb.

Spreading out in their new digs.

It looks so cool up close.

Here’s hoping for a good year!

We are all set for the farmers market, and have had some great word-of-mouth going on the Facebook. With a few solid customers for our eggs, and some new customers for our honey, we can be slightly closer to paying for our produce from our sales. Ideally we would get to a point where we can buy our groceries from our sales, but we’ve got a ways to go.

I’m also going to have a wax day, where I make candles and beeswax wraps. But probably not next week, as we will finally be officially fully vaccinated. I already have a hair appointment, Friday night plans, and dinner reservations at our local fancy restaurant. I’m ready to be antisocial by choice, instead of because of the pandemic.

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