More Beekeeping at Night

No pictures yet, but we had another patented Goad Farm project at night/trying to beat a storm/locusts/frogs etc.

Kansas weather was drunk yesterday.

So our brand new bees we’re gonna get cold. So we decided that we needed to protect them. For various reasons, we couldn’t get to the project until about 9 pm. Let me tell you, LuLaRoe leggings are not good cold weather gear.

We had to measure and cut insulation to cover all of the sides and top of the hive. In the dark. In a seriously cold wind. Trying to beat the snow.

The things we do for our animals. I was so cold that it hurt to get into the truck to haul wood to the garage – we then had to unload some lumber so it didn’t get wet. Afterwards, I was curled around a heating pad, and still couldn’t get warm for a good long while.

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