Hatch Day?

Today was supposed to be hatch day. We aren’t sure how much the failing incubator harmed the hatch. It is running cold.

Nevertheless, we have three internal pips. I get excited every time I see a notification that there was movement, but it is always a cat.

Never fear, however, we will have the next generation of chicklets. Our order from Meyer is due to hatch on Monday. We should be able to pick them up on Wednesday at the latest.

We got a great view today of an egg being laid.

One of our Marans laid while we were collecting eggs this morning. I saw her doing the “bout to lay an egg” dance, and turned on the camera. Hilariously, I went to pick it up and she pecked me hard enough to leave a bruise. That’ll teach me.

Nothing got done on the bee structure due to weather in the afternoon. Putting on a corrugated plastic roof in 30 mph winds may be a bit much. But it looks good so far!

While half-painted. We are done with the first coat, and waiting on the second. Then the roof, then the rocks and then we are ready to go!

…just in time because the bees get here tomorrow.

And just because-this was the view from dinner last night. I love watching the ladies.

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