Chicken Omelettes

So we started saving eggs for our farm stand (fancy name for fridge on porch). But, alas, it took a bit to start getting a clientele. So we were left with a gross of eggs in our fridge. Most of them OK, but I’m not going to sell OK eggs. I’m selling the fresh ones.

So what to do with the ridiculous number of eggs? Chicken omelettes!

As long as you cook them well, you can feed eggs and shells to chickens. So every day I’ve been giving them a chicken omelette. It’s sort of fun, because you can release some aggression while cooking them.

Start with as many eggs as will fit in your pan. Put in your cheapest oil and heat up pan. I’m lazy, so I’m on high.

Throw in the eggs, shell and all.

Whack them until the eggshells are in pieces. Don’t worry about overcooking. Just get them cooked through.

Give them to your chickens, and watch them scarf down the eggs. It gives them needed protein and calcium.

On the subject of chickens… oh my goodness it was lovely last night. The Husband and I sat outside for like an hour feeding the chickens scratch out of our hands. Most of the Roos will eat from our hands, and some of the hens. Unfortunately, they tend to stay away right before bedtime, to avoid Tailhook. We have too many roosters.

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