Alrighty Then

So I braved the elements to pick up my groceries (bless curbside pickup), and since no one is going anywhere for the rest of the weekend, I pulled the car into the garage.

We have a ten box nesting box in our garage (we only use five because I’m too short to see in the top five), and the ladies like it. When we build the new coop, we are going to lower it a bit…

So I come home, and hear chickens. No biggie, used to it. Bring in the groceries and then go out to gather eggs. Still hearing the chickens, so I figure someone is in a nesting box. Nope.

It took me a alarmingly long time to figure out where the clicking is coming from… up.

One lady avoiding the Tailhook convention in the yard. Then I hear a crow. And lo and behold.

Two of the lower caste Roos hiding from the higher ranking birds.

One thing that I’m still not used to in the country, someone is burning somewhere, and there’s smoke everywhere. It looks smoggy. Hope they’re intentional!

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