Month: April 2019

Ok, I Need About A Week…

This morning we too the hop on/hop off bus to the Science museum – it was a bit of a cluster because of a marathon. So we got off in Chinatown. Next time, Sun Yat Sen Garden.

I love Vancouver!

We got up this morning and took the water taxi to Granville island. We spent the day wandering around the island, and buying provisions. We now have several cheeses, pickles, fruit, mustard, and meats. We will not starve.

Let’s go on an adventure!

We started our latest adventure yesterday.

Interstate Love Song

So a friend of mine was talking about doing the drive on I70 across the country, and was looking for recommendations. About eight comments about Kansas later, I figured I’d cobble them into a blog post.

Upside to Colony Collapse

We had to say goodbye to the colony. As we were pulling it apart, we were able to grab some samples. The Husband is an amazing photographer, and a microscopist, so at least we have cool pics.


We lost one of our colonies today. Small hive beetle infestation. Harvested what we could, and will try again.

Planter Project

So, I’ve been getting ready for growing season. I decided to build small raised beds out of scrap wood. But we went into town for haircuts, and stopped at The Yard, which has all sorts of overstocked goods. We found these really nice wooden… Continue Reading “Planter Project”

Coq Au Vin

So since we have our rooster in our fridge, we need to cook it up. We’ve been making lots of Coq Au Vin jokes this week, so here we go!

Selling Out

We are getting ready to start selling eggs. Very excited. Once we are back from Canada, we are going to start.

The New Girl(s)

We went to the chicken auction on Friday. After a week of lovely warm spring weather, it was cold, crappy, and raining. But there were a whole lot of people there. We ended up buying four hens (although, sadly, one didn’t make it).