Ok, I Need About A Week…

This morning we too the hop on/hop off bus to the Science museum – it was a bit of a cluster because of a marathon. So we got off in Chinatown. Next time, Sun Yat Sen Garden.


We walked from Chinatown, puttered around until opening. Lots of cool exhibits… some funnier than others.

Snicker. There was a preteen girl watching the explicit video.

The infrared harp was cool.

For my Dad…

Then there was the mirror maze.

I beat The Husband.

We walked from the Science museum through Chinatown to Gastown and had lunch near Gassy Jack at Local.

I’m learning to like booze. Here we have an Old Fashioned.

…and I’m tired, so more on Sunday tomorrow.

One Comment on “Ok, I Need About A Week…

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had an old fashioned. I started drinking manhattans this year. Apparently 46 is when I turned into my mother. Sigh.


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