Selling Out

We are getting ready to start selling eggs. Very excited. Once we are back from Canada, we are going to start.

I’ve got a sign, to which I’m planning on affixing magnetic strips, and I have metal lettering. I’ve ordered egg cartons online (law states I can’t reuse cartons without doing a bunch of stuff, so new cartons). We need to figure out which little fridge works best. I’ve got a cash box on order, and need to make some materials. I want to have a laminated paper that has the prices, and the names of all our girls. Because I’m a dork.

But right now we have:

  • Three white layers
  • Four brown layers
  • One blue layer
  • One light green layer

And one who isn’t quite laying yet.

We are going to try to hatch a dozen, and I have six chicks on order from Meyers.

I’ll probably have separate colors and mixed options.

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