The New Girl(s)

We went to the chicken auction on Friday. After a week of lovely warm spring weather, it was cold, crappy, and raining. But there were a whole lot of people there.

We ended up buying four hens (although, sadly, one didn’t make it).

I love the auction, a mix of everything from Mennonites to hillbillies to preppers to hippies.

Precisely at four, on the last Friday of the month, the auction begins. The livestock is under the shelter. This month it was mainly birds and rabbits, but you’ll see the occasional goat or pig.

We big on and got three golden comets. One didn’t make it, so we just have Halley and Seku. both names of comets. We bought an Aracauna, which is a Chilean breed that has blue eggs, so she’s Mara for the Spanish word for “sea” – Mar. and I kept on putting Jade at the end of that. Then I realized that’s a non-canon Jedi. So she’s now Mara Jade.

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