Let’s go on an adventure!

We started our latest adventure yesterday.

We got up at the ungodly hour of four to get on a plane to Vancouver. It’s amazing how short of a time it takes to get to Canada. Our first flight to Denver was an hour and a half. The flight to Vancouver was less than three hours.

But we arrived at about noon. The Vancouver airport is very pretty.

Our room wasn’t ready, so we left our luggage and walked around. Our hotel is in Downtown Vancouver. We walked up Robson Street.

We had lunch at Farmers Table, a Korean restaurant. Then on to Yaletown, where we stopped at a candy store, and a coffee shop.

I desperately want this bakery in my house. Separate from the kitchen. I want everything in this picture.

There was a courtyard with art installations.

By then, it was about time to get to our hotel.

I remain fully convinced that being agreeable gets you upgrades. We are at the The Georgian Court. Our room has a balcony.

Lovely. We stayed in, because we were exhausted. I’m not sure what we are doing today!

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