Chicken Roll Call

I suppose I should update on our chickens. We had a lot of predation last year, so we are down some, but we persevere.

Our oldest are from our first year: Rhoda and Violet. Rhoda is Rhode Island Red who is molting at present. Violet is an Americauna.

Next we have the teenagers, who are living it up in the nice coop.

They include Weezle and Black Frances, an Americauna Roo and Australorp respectively. Meggan is also an Americauna – she looks just. Like. Violet (her mother).

Then there are the little ones.

Noah and Buffy are Leghorns, and I think bantams.

And then we have three Golden Laced Wyandottes. Who are very private, and didn’t tell me their names (can’t tell them apart). Nor did they pose for pictures.

Currently laying:

Rhoda – large brown

Frances – small brown

Violet – blue

Meggan – greenish-blue

And at least two of the Golden Laced Wyandottes are laying.

All in all, a decent flock. We are delaying the next group until we get back from our trip to Canada. Which, by the way, I’M going to Canada!!!! Woohoo!

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