Bullet Journal Envy

I love organization. I love reading about it, planning it, and buying stuff for it.

However… I am dreadful at getting it together right now. I’ve been eyeing bullet journals on Pinterest lately.

What essential part of growing up a girl did I miss? I cannot, for the life of me, do all that pretty-ass writing.

The FUCk?

Seriously I’m feeling like I did in high school when the cheerleaders had the cute polka dot block letters on their notes, and mine looked like I was headed for med school.

You know what though? It doesn’t matter if I can do the pretty journal writing or draw inspirational pictures. Mine’s in plain handwriting, and has things I’m grateful for today: Daryl, the kittens (currently playing nearby), and resources such that I don’t have to constantly worry about money.

And that’s good enough.

(Although I totally want to learn to write pretty)

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