Ok, I lied

The three unnamed chickens appear to be Brown Leghorns. And, yay, all hens. Because Brown Leghorns are fancy-pants.

That’s like RPDR fancy pants.

But it was beautiful out yesterday, so I sat out with the chickens for a while. I threw food, and hand fed Violet.

I got other pictures too.

These are our two Roos, Weezle and Noah. Guess which one is the alpha? It’s hilarious watching the little dude chase the big one away from the ladies.

Chicken porn. Bow-chicken-wow-wow.

And then we finally have pictures of the three who haven’t been named.

I will entertain names. So far that haven’t fit: the wyrd sisters, the fates, Bronte sisters. Considering Blackie Onassis for the darker one (I’ve got a Pixies reference, why not an Urge Overkill one)?

In any case, this was two days ago, but if I ever whine about where I live, remind me of this:

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