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Outdoor Dining

So, one of our favorite things to do in the before times was go to the Yoder chicken auction. There are not only chickens, but other animals, as well as random stuff. Early on, someone had cedar planks for sale. Just a bunch of… Continue Reading “Outdoor Dining”

A Promise of Spring

So, today seemed like real spring for the first time (did I just jinx it?). I’m getting more mobile every day. I hope to be out of my boot on the 18th, almost five months after my initial break. I went on a few… Continue Reading “A Promise of Spring”

Hydroponics-Take Two

So that didn’t work… It started well, but as of today, this is all I have.

Book 7 and Kitchen Waste Garden

So I read my seventh book.


So one of the things I got for Christmas was a hydroponic system. I finally got it up and running today. I now have peas, arugula, lettuce and radishes growing in our office.

Misfits Market-Part 1

So we are trying a new thing. In the past we’ve done a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). If you’re unfamiliar-it is a subscription for produce from a local farmer.

Christmas in Quaranisolation

Yet another holiday without family. I stole the name of my state of being from my brother-in-law who has had a different drink every night since things shut down in March. We all have the things we do to pass the time. I colored… Continue Reading “Christmas in Quaranisolation”

Planning for the Spring Planting

We’ve had a garden pretty much every year, with varying levels of success. Last year was pretty grim, for a variety of reasons. So we’ve decided to cut back on the crops next year.

Getting Back Into the Swing

Things are starting to get back to more normal. I’m working full time again, studying for the PMP exam, and planning for spring on the farm. I can walk in about ten days, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

Pickled Radishes

There were some lovely radishes today at the farmer’s market this morning.