Brussel Sprouts!

So, my garden was hit and miss this year. Injuries and depression do not make for a great garden.

Certain things, however, did well. Mainly the ones that thrive on neglect. One of which is Brussel sprouts. I planted four plants, and decided to harvest one for Christmas dinner.

Behold the Brussel sprout sword.

So these are pretty tiny, half-inch or so, but delicious. I tried one right off the stalk and it was nice and crunchy.

I probably could have extended the season by just cutting the sprouts off, but I was lazy and my ankle hurt, so I pulled the entire thing.

That is the smallest hotel pan, the one-ninth one. So it was about an amuse bouche size. but, I sautéed with shallots in bacon grease, and they were yummy!

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