The Birds and the Bees

This week has been crazy. It seems like all of my deadlines are all at once.

At work, I had two books and a webinar due within two days, and some changes to another big project that were in emails I avoided for a couple of days. Plus we developed a webinar about the new COVID-19 bill to be delivered as soon as it was signed. Busy, busy, busy.

On the home front, we are crunching to get everything ready for the birds and the bees. The bees will be ready on April 10, hatch day is April 10, and the chicks we ordered are hatching on the 12th.

We have plenty to do before we are ready.

On the bees, we are having gravel delivered today so that we can start prepping the bee yard. We’ve decided to put down weed barrier and gravel, to help keep it tidy. We are also going to build a shelter. After losing our last colony in the deep freeze, we are putting up a roof and I’m making an oilcloth sheet to block the north wind. Plus, the Husband is building scales, so we can track when hives are ready to be harvested.

It will look a little like this, except bigger and without the shelf for hives. We are making it big enough to house six hives, although we are only going to have two this year. I also am building a solar fountain. I have a ceramic skep that I made a few years ago with a basin for water. I will install the pump, and if needed print some housings.

That’s the bees.

On to the birds.

We need to test the incubator to ensure it works, finish up the temperature and humidity sensor, and refurbish the big brooder. We need to replace warped wood on the older coop, and move the nursery coop to the chicken yard.

We have started collecting eggs for the hatch. We have four purple ones, two chocolate brown ones, and one each of blue, green, light brown, and medium brown. Planning on a white one and another shade of green. We are also swapping out newer ones of each color. It doesn’t harm the eggs to write on the shells so we can keep track of how old the eggs are. More than seven days old and the viability goes down.

Soon we will be awash in birds and bees.

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