The Good/Bad/Good Thing About Being Unexpectedly Away

So we got a huge box of produce last weekend. But we’ve been away for the whole week. So we have a boatload of veggies. (Good) That need to be processed. (Bad) which means lots of good smells. (Good) And lots of standing in the kitchen. (Bad). But at the end of the weekend, I’ll have baba ganoush, tomato sauce, fresh frozen green beans, roasted pepper and tomatillo salsa, garlic confit, lime curd, and applesauce.

Started with the eggplant to roast. Salted to get the moisture out.

Next, I sautéed the onions for the tomato sauce.

Made the rest of the sauce while the eggplant roasted.

Next up the peppers and tomatillos

Yum. Waiting on some parts for the food processor. So started the garlic confit.

Then, I took a nap, because I’m exhausted. I’ll keep going tonight and tomorrow.

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