Getting Started With Chickens – Eggs

So you’re a few months in and starting to wonder then these ladies will start to earn their keep. All the books say four months.

In my experience, it’s more like six months. Not sure if it is something we are doing wrong, but it’s always been six months for us.

How do you tell if the chickens are getting ready to lay eggs? First of all they will practice. You may see them sitting down in laying position, or hanging out in a nesting box. Encourage them by putting down a porcelain egg.

Another sign is that your roosters will start trying to mate.

They will start slow, and small. Some breeds will naturally have small eggs, others large. They’re all good!

When you get your first egg, I recommend eating it right away because it will be so good!

Your chickens, on average, will lay about four eggs a week. Gather at least once a day. More if there is danger of freezing.

Your eggs will keep on the counter for a good long while. You will likely eat them well before they get old.

If you want to check, you can put them in water.

If they lie flat on the bottom of the pan, they are fresh. As they lose freshness they will start to go up on end. And they are old if they float.

So what do you do with old/broken eggs? Feed em to the ladies as a calcium and protein rich snack. Scramble the eggs with the shells in the mix. They will eat it right up.

You may eventually get enough eggs to share. Then sell. That’s the gateway to being a crazy chicken lady. Soon, you’ll want fancy chickens and breed them for colored eggs.

I may have a problem.

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