Czech it Out

For my birthday, we are doing another COVID-19 conscious road trip.

We set out mid afternoon and promptly got stopped by a train.

Our first stop was Lake Kanopolis. We’ve been there before, but we are always always always up for a lake stop.

We walked around for a while looking at rocks and wading in the lake.

The next stop was Wilson. The Czech capital of Kansas.

They have Czech eggs scattered around the town.

Including the world’s largest Czech egg.

We went to grandma’s soda shop, and the Husband got kolaches. Verdict: good, but not as good as the ones inWest, Texas.

Cute little town.

We continued driving, and stopped at a limestone bridge. Quite pretty.

And we finally made it to Downs, where our cabin is. It was a bit rustic, but okay.

I think this is the first time in decades I’ve been in a bunk bed.

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