Re-Making MakeICT

I belong to a cool nonprofit that is a community of makers. Last year, we bought an old elementary school as our new building. There was a lot of work to be done. We have some bumps in the road because of COVID-19 and cash flow, but we are making lots of progress.

*night images from Malissa Long

Every Tuesday, a dedicated group of volunteers works on getting the space ready for opening.

It will be a great resource for the community once it is open.

We have classrooms for classes open to the public.

We have great tools that individuals would be hard pressed to purchase/install.

We still have a boatload of stuff left over from the earlier use.

I can’t wait for the screen printing room is open again.

We cannot wait to have this open to the public. Watch this space for giving opportunities.

Donate Now!

In addition, we have online classes this fall. This month, I’m teaching “How to Turn Your Hobby Into A Business” and “Urban Chickens.” Sign up here if you are interested: Calendar.

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