So one of our favorite restaurants in Wichita is Sabor. Our favorite thing at Sabor is the plantain chips.

They have this creamy avocado dipping sauce. I think about it often. So we had leftover pork taco stuff, a couple of plantains and an avocado. So I mashed up the avocado with diced tomatoes, and added some cayenne, cumin, and lime. Then I thinned it with sour cream until it was silky.

The plantains are pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Slice the plantains fairly thin. We like them about 2 mm thick. Slightly thicker than Sabor, but pretty thin.

Heat peanut oil to 375.

Fry the chips until golden brown.

And here’s my dip.

Serving it with tacos with leftover pork with sauce, queso fresco and tomatoes.

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