So, I’m going to do a play by play, because this is going to get stupid. We are going to try, for the first time, to *sell* roosters at the chicken auction.

3:00: My plan is to lure them into a cage with scratch grains. The Husband’s plan is to lure them into the run and hand them out to me. We are starting with his plan. My secret plan is we do as many as we can without killing each other, and try again next month. Also apples.

3:30: Well that failed spectacularly. Zero chickens in the run, and several freaked out. Husband not home from work yet. Auction in 30 minutes.

3:35: *googles “herding chickens”*

3:40: Husband comes home.

3:45: We give up, and the roosters get a reprieve of four weeks.

4:15: Go to auction. Squeal “baby goats” about 347 times. Have to wait until the *very* end because we are interested in only the equipment.

4:30 to 7:00: marvel at the cross section of humanity. Laugh with said cross-section when not one, not two, but three chickens get loose.

7:00 finally get to equipment.

7:30 Go to Carriage Crossing for dinner, order healthy meal. Immediately regret it.

Saturday 10:00: dammit.

You can’t see it, but four Roos are in the damn run.

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