The Not-So-Friendly Skies

Oh dear lord we are finally home. No thanks to you Carol. Flight delayed from Calgary. Came in a couple of minutes before doors close on connection from Denver to Wichita. In Calgary they said it was doable and didn’t change us. On the plane they said we would be there in time, that there was another group on the same flight. Go to the desk agent to let them know you’re coming. They’ll generally hold the last flight out.

Yeah, no. Wichita flight left a few minutes early. Obviously without us. So let’s review. We are trying to get from Denver, a United hub to Wichita, a fairly reasonably sized city the next state over.

It is Sunday. They think they can get us home by Tuesday. I point out we could drive it faster. So no vouchers, no hotel, a vague suggestion to come back tomorrow, but all flights are full.

We ask for a supervisor. Also not helping.

Frustrated, ask next gate agent to at least tell us where our bags are. The lovely Deborah got us booked on stand-by, found our bags, and gave advice. Meanwhile, the Husband was on the phone with other customer service-who got us on a flight on Delta – through Minneapolis. Convenient.

No one at the United desk thought, hey, I wonder if we could fly them somewhere, and then to Kansas. Nope, can’t be done, you’re here til Tuesday.

Oh, and when we asked for the supervisor’s name, she literally covered her name tag, said she reported us, and the person who helped us was going to be fired. Good times.

But we are home, it’s lovely here, and much doings on the farm while we were gone. And I have a very happy kitten in my lap.

Back to scenery porn tomorrow.

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