Train Schedule

So here is the way that the day goes on the train.

Get on the train at 7-ish. We start with a toast. Then coffee. Then first course of breakfast. Second breakfast. Coffee top-off. And then the bar opens.

The bar opens at about 9:30. You get your first drink. Note: You do not need to order booze.

Then they come around with a snack. Then a top off of your drink. By now, it’s almost lunch, and you *could* have had four drinks. Yikes.

They start with drink service. Then a salad.

We opted for wine. every single meal had an option for me as a celiac person.

And then the main, with more booze.

Then they bring by dessert.

Then booze… again

Afternoon snack.



Final top off.

You could be hammered by the end of the day. We were not.

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