Driving and Birdies

NO, this isn’t about golf.

Yesterday, after a long day of work (well, three long weeks of work), we decided to go for a drive. No where specific, just go. We live mainly around dirt roads, and the wildflowers are fantastic.

Here we are…. somewhere. Not sure where.

We saw egrets, and Baltimore orioles, and kingbirds, and hawks. We saw deeer and bunnies, and pheasant.

There’s a deer in there, I promise.

And these are all of the wildflowers I picked. Some will go in the house, some will be used for seed and some will be planted, because the whole darn think came out when I pulled.
On another cool bird note: I saw this guy in my yard:

I’m going to start putting out citrus for hm to eat. He lives (I think) in a tree by our compost, which contains a lot of citrusy stuff.
UPDATE: Here are the flowers in a vase:

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