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Bee Update

Our two hives are thriving! Last weekend we checked our bees. We have two hives-north hive and south hive.

Less is More

We’ve tried to have a gigantic garden for the last few years. For one reason or another, it just didn’t produce a whole lot. One thing that is an issue is overcrowding. So we are going for fewer plants.

Hooray Vaccines

We are finally two weeks past our second vaccine. And boy did we take advantage!

Bees Are Buzzing

Fed the bees today. They made it through the cold snap.

Bees and Apple Trees

Our apple trees are in bloom and the bees are loving it!

Starting the Garden

Over the weekend we had warm weather if windy. So on Saturday, I did some gardening. Planted some stuff, weeded others. All in all lovely.

Chicklets: TNG

We started 12 eggs on the 19th. The incubator is starting to fail a bit, so it may be a laggy hatch. Our external thermometer reads about 34 instead of 37, and the incubator is up to its highest temp. May be our last… Continue Reading “Chicklets: TNG”

So it begins…

We started excavation for the bee yard. We started by having five tons of rock delivered. Surprisingly unimpressive.

A Promise of Spring

So, today seemed like real spring for the first time (did I just jinx it?). I’m getting more mobile every day. I hope to be out of my boot on the 18th, almost five months after my initial break. I went on a few… Continue Reading “A Promise of Spring”

Hydroponics-Take Two

So that didn’t work… It started well, but as of today, this is all I have.