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Working Backwards… Adventure Day!

So originally, I was going to recover from a week of travel by staying home and lounging, but I woke up at like 6:30 (dammit), so I went into town with the husband. He went to a Tormach(?) class at MakeICT, and I ran errands.… Continue Reading “Working Backwards… Adventure Day!”

Memory boxes

OK, so this is kind of similar to the adventure box – which we’ve moved the adventures to their own box now. But on our random journeys we tend to pick up detritus. Whether it’s a map, a cool rock, brochures, random “toys” from… Continue Reading “Memory boxes”

Art Project

Do you ever see something in a craft store and think… “I don’t know what yet, but I could totally make something cool with that.” A couple of months ago, I did just that.

Maker Faire II – Wichita Boogaloo

So Wichita has a mini Maker Faire. Since it is just starting up, we decided instead of just attending, we’d volunteer! It was at the extremely cool Exploration Place in Wichita. It’s a lot smaller than the KC one, but that’s not a surprise. We show… Continue Reading “Maker Faire II – Wichita Boogaloo”

Art from Maker Faire

We had a lovely weekend at Maker Faire, which means I don’t have any good crafts. We did buy some cool artwork though. Dirty Kids Soap and Design Studio   You can find out where you can find them here.

Maker Faire Day 1

Day one is under our belt. A good time was had by all. I got ideas for crafts, yelled at by some… thing? And got a henna tattoo.  

Maker Faire Weekend!

The husband and I are attending our fifth (?) Maker Faire this weekend. If you haven’t heard of Maker Faire, look it up!

Adventure Box

So one of the things that we like to do here at the Goad Farm is go on adventures. Hop in the car and go do something fun. I’m a planner, but the husband is not. I’m working on it… to a point.