Starting Early

I couldn’t stand it. We had our 12 eggs (which don’t quiiiite fit in the incubator) all ready to go, so I started them on Friday night, instead of Saturday. This will be good as we need to pick up our bees on the tenth, and this will get us started on the hatch early.

So we have (color and date laid)

  1. Purple, 3/14
  2. Purple, 3/15
  3. Purple, 3/18
  4. Purple, 3/19
  5. Chocolate Brown, 3/16
  6. Chocolate Brown, 3/18
  7. Olive Green, 3/17 (name this one Patty!)
  8. Blue, 3/19
  9. Cream, 3/19
  10. White, 3/18
  11. Medium Brown, 3/17
  12. Light Brown, 3/19

The incubator was prepped and to temperature.

We will see which are fertile in a few days. I assume that at least one will not be fertilized, so we should be able to fit everyone.

And away we go!

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