Getting Ready for Hatchapalooza 2021

So we are getting down to it with the next generation of chickies. Our order comes from Meyer Hatchery on around April 12th. The chicks will hatch on the tenth. Now, they hatch on a Tuesday, and we hatch on a Saturday, so we have to decide whether to go before or after. This year we are going before.

This means that we have to set ours in the incubator on the 20th of March. We should start collecting next Saturday. So that means we have to get our proverbial ducks in a row. That involves:

  • Clean nursery brooder
  • Clean incubator
  • Check camera to ensure it still works
  • Refurbish the big brooder
  • Prep our supplies
  • Finish new thermostat
  • Start collecting eggs

We just got our production back up. Eleven eggs today. Our incubator holds twelve eggs, so we need to get several of each color. The plan is:

  • As many purple as we get before we have to start – take from other colors.
  • Three chocolate brown eggs
  • Two green eggs
  • Two light brown eggs
  • Two white eggs

So we started by clearing out our mudroom. This is where we keep all of the hatching supplies. I think we are going to use the mud room for the Husband’s large lab equipment, which is currently residing in my dining room and foyer.

So I’m thinking that the incubator will be in the office near the plants. Closer to the tiny bathroom where we candle.

I washed all of our incubator parts. Inventoried the supplies that we have, and put them all away in a logical spot. Which, of course means that we will never find them again.

It was a glorious day out, so it was good for working outside. We ended with dinner on the porch as the sun set.

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