…And I will love her and pet her and name her Buffy.

From the first day, Buffy the Wormslayer has loved Lou.

And Lou loved Buffy. Well, I believe they are not going to be as close.

The Husband went out to let out the chickens and feed Lou Thursday morning. He came crack with Buffy. She didn’t look so good.

In fact, when he went out there he was pretty sure she was dead. She was laid out like a rubber chicken. Eyes closed and everything. He picked her up, and she fluttered her eyelids. So good, not dead.

We brought her into the mud room and put her in a plastic bin with lots of food and water.

You can really see her crossbeak here.

She has one or two wounds.

This morning, we decided to start integrating her back into the flock. We figured we’d wash her off (Dawn and warm water) and put her into a cage near her sisters.

Or she could just jump off the table and run back on her own.

Here she is happily eating with her peeps.

And Lou is getting some obedience training.

He still cries when we aren’t in his yard, though.

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