We have been enjoying our new puppy. We love him, and he loves us. So much so that we are in an escalation battle to keep him in his yard.

Good thing he is cute.

So we get him in his yard and play with him for a while. Eventually we have to go in. The next day, I’m working and I hear the Husband behind me saying “We have a problem.” I turn around and my strictly outdoors dog is on leash in the office.

Apparently his chicken friend showed him how to get under the gate.

Lou and his accomplice.

So Lou spends the night in the garage. We fixed the gate issue. Great! Problem solved. *dusts hands*

…Yeah no. Lou is small enough that he can get through the goat fencing. So he spends the next night in the mud room.

So we bought some squirrel netting and zip tied it to the goat fence. The best part is that we only did two sides at first. He hasn’t figured out that the other side from the humans is still open.

He’s so dang cute. We are going to have to get obedience classes for him though. Although we are encouraged that he doesn’t try to eat Buffy the chicken who likes to hang around.

Like all of our other animals, Buffy is totally weird. She thinks she’s a parrot.

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