Carry On My Wayward Peep

So, it was a bit of a goat rodeo getting the peeps from the pen to their brooder, because it was too damn hot to finish the coop. The front door for the pen is not great, so it was held together by zip ties, which we cut so that we had could get the chicks as they ran away from the other door. One person at each door.

Weelllll… we left the pen door open a bit too much and we had three chicks get loose. We got one right away, and another eventually. But it got dark, and we had to stop. There was the distinct possibility that I miscounted, so maybe we were okay.

This morning I went out to check on the peeps (we left the brooder outside last night to help acclimate the peeps.). And there she was, the wayward Peep. We shall call her Carrie.

Carrie hid while I found the hook the first time. The second time she was hanging around the brooder. I put out treats to try to get her to stand still, but at some point she just gave up and let me get her.

To you, Carrie, my wayward peep.

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