Who’s Who/Roll Call – Cuckoo Clucks

Last year, in an attempt to diversify our egg colors, we bought some Cuckoo Marans. Now, they were both supposed to be girls, but alas, sexing chickens is not 100% accurate. So Kaley Cuckoo is a girl, but Cuckoo Chanel is a boy.

And a big one at that.

Hello there, might I have some scratch grains, please? Cuckoo Chanel will eat out of my hand. Sadly, he is on our list for selling.

Kaley gives us nice dark brown eggs.

She’s fairly popular with the lads, so her back is a little ruffled, but I can’t seem to keep chicken saddles on the girls. Hopefully we can sell some of the Roos this month.

I’m using Pavlov to help with capturing them. Every afternoon, I go out and sing the squash song, and place a yellow squash in the run. They are learning to go in there and eat it.

I just realized we are two weeks from starting to separate out new eggs for the hatch! Woohoo!

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