Adventure (part 1)

Yesterday we went on an adventure. We’d been so focused on all that had to be done that we were just worn out. So we decided to have a fun day.

Getting Big Blue ready to go.

Nice drive on a lovely day.

We went to an auction near Strong City.

It was in this cool old schoolhouse.

Not sure I want to know what this is…

And I’m pretty sure this comes with an unsettled soul.

But it was fun to bid (once we realized we were bidding against each other. New rule: only bid if you have the number)

Lots of people.

And a pretty respectable haul. Coatrack, copper tea kettle, copper gratin pan, copper saucepan, and cast iron griddle. Not pictured, the rando stuff added in to the purchase: some wooden canisters, and a couple of baskets. Also the husband’s stuff. A generator and some vices?

And since we were anywhere near Strong City, lunch at Ad Astra. Love their Brussel sprouts.

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