Maker Faire!

On Saturday we went to Maker Faire in KC. After lots of hemming and hawing, we drove and parked onsite.

There was a cool art installation in the courtyard.

It was pretty loud when the wind hit it.

We started off in the basement, where we made popsicle stick grabbers and some art from the art machine.

I did mine with an eye towards my graphic design class I’m taking.

Then off to see the lovely Kaci at KC Henna. She is always awesome and fun to talk to.

Kaci working on The Husband, his henna and my henna. The smudges are all us.

We went to a moldable chocolate class and made a robot.

Then off to the trolley to head to the river market for lunch. All of my favorite places are not on the approved list anymore. But, Bo Lings has some stuff I could eat.

We headed back after lunch and did the main hall. It was a lot smaller this year, possibly due to the folding of the parent corporation. But it was nice nonetheless.

hope we have one to go to next year!

And I totally want to make one of those drawing things.

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