Month: January 2019

Snow day, slow day.

So it is a winter wonderland out there.


I love me some podcasts. I listen to several. Here’s what I’m listening to now:

Barn Cats

So we have a dimly lit Quonset hut (as near as I can tell from years of Car Talk, all Quonset huts are dimly lit). There are mice, at least. I’m going to go with mice. Because I don’t want to think of alternatives

Ok, I lied

The three unnamed chickens appear to be Brown Leghorns. And, yay, all hens. Because Brown Leghorns are fancy-pants.

Chicken Roll Call

I suppose I should update on our chickens. We had a lot of predation last year, so we are down some, but we persevere.

Bullet Journal Envy

I love organization. I love reading about it, planning it, and buying stuff for it. However… I am dreadful at getting it together right now. I’ve been eyeing bullet journals on Pinterest lately.