I love me some podcasts. I listen to several. Here’s what I’m listening to now:

Amerindian Revolution Podcast: love this one, play by play of the American Revolution.

Battlestar Galactacast: Six discusses the episodes.

Dear Instructional Designer: haven’t listened yet, but intriguing.

History Extra Podcast: random history.

History of Westeros: Random history – but in the world of ice and fire.

History on Fire: deep dives on various topics

Instructional Redesign – haven’t started yet.

Lexicon Valley – linguistics

Lore: myths and legends.

Mass for Shut-Ins – podcast from a polisci professor, various topics.

Monster – about the Zodiac

My Favorite Murder – a comedy true crime podcast.

PMP prepcast – for studying for the PMP exam.

Ologies – random ologists tell what they do.

Pod Save America – some Obama and Clinton guys talk politics

RadioWesteros – game of thrones discussion

Slow Burn – Nixon and then Clinton.

Still Pretty – BTVS episode recaps.

Strange matters – eh, haven’t gotten rid of this one.

Stuff you missed in History Class – history, duh.

Swish and Flick – chapter by chapter of the Harry Potter books.

The Anthropocene Reviewed- John Green reviews random stuff.

ELearning Coach – haven’t started.

The good place – episode reviews of the good place.

The history of England – just what it says.

History of English podcast – starts with proto-Indo-European and I’m all the way up to old English.

History of Food – I like history.

The west wing weekly – recaps of TWW episodes.

This Podcast Will Kill You – epidemiology

What are yours?

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