Birthday Balloons

So for the Husband’s birthday, I took him to the Balloon Fest in Anthony, Kansas. He (of course) used to fly hot air balloons when he was younger. I found a hotel, and made all of the arrangements I could – not many. We were at the mercy of the winds.

But it was a nice day. We left mid afternoon on Friday and meandered our way down to Harper, where we were staying. Got settled in and then went down to Anthony.

Not much went on Friday night, just the setup. So we walked around, looked at kites, then had dinner.

We got to the festival bright and early on Saturday, but alas, still too windy for flying. So we have the entire day ahead of us. What to do? Well, first, breakfast.

Then we drove to Arkansas City to see Etzanoa. I’ve been dying to see this since it was first discovered – by a Wichita guy! GO ICT!

On our way, we stopped in Caldwell, where my mom was a kid, and looked for her house for a bit, we weren’t in the right area, but oh well, still fun. Caldwell has some hysterical historical markers.

“Trivial” murder charge?

In any case, we started out at the Cherokee Land Rush Museum, which had a lot of cool stuff about the land rush.

It had a movie about a couple of sites in Kansas, including Etzanoa. The full site isn’t quite up and running yet, but the docent at the museum gave us some places to go. First was a place to see where the battle happened.

Next was a camp on the bluff that overlooks the site.

More pictures as I get them from the Husband. They even have an inspiration point, which of course makes me giggle.

So we *had* to smooch a little. Right? We ended up trying again to fly in the evening, but it was a no go.

So we have dinner in the hotel, and relax, decide that if the wind is up Sunday morning we’re just going to give up. So we drove home slowly and took the long cut home.

We saw birdies and turtles and all sorts of fun stuff.

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