Ceramics Progress

We’ve started going to MakeICT about twice a week since the beginning of the new year. The husband has done tormach and laser cutter stuff, wood shop and ceramics. I’ve done sewing and ceramics. I’m still not very good at ceramics, but I’m getting better and enjoying myself.

So here are a few of my first efforts.

Egg holders. I rolled the clay out like dough and then molded it around an egg carton. I’ve got ideas about how to iterate this and make it better.

A bowl and a pitcher. The bowl is going to be a gift, and possibly the pitcher. These are both thrown pots, The pitcher got a little iffy in that one spot, so I pinched it out to make a spout. It was painted with a cream glaze, with a blue glaze over it, and dripped down in the middle. the bowl was just two blues that meet on the rim.

I’m pretty happy with these, especially the pitcher.

In keeping with what my mother taught me, I’m trying to leave the place better than I found it. Thus far we’ve added some aprons, paper towels, buckets, and a strainer. The difference between men and women in a nutshell: There were signs everywhere about keeping clay out of the drain. Increasingly irritated signs. I bought a strainer and left it in the sink.

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