Possum Dixon

Well, Dixon, our local opossum, got in the hen house again last night.

Ugh. There’s little more annoying than running around your yard in the middle of the night trying to round up panicked chickens. Two of the ladies were in the coop still, and a couple wandered back as soon as the possum was evicted. I cornered Violet on the porch. Coq au Vin (the rooster formerly known as Pat) was hiding up by the road, and eventually came quietly. All chickens were accounted for, and buttoned up for the night.

In other chicken news – we are going to have to buy or make a chicken saddle for a couple of our ladies. Buffy and Susan seem to be the favored ladies and they are being rubbed raw.

We are also going to have to dispatch Coq, since he has attacked both of us, and we don’t need two roosters. We’re working ourselves up to the deed. I’ve got instructions saved to Pinterest!

OK, tbch: The entirety of this post was so I could make the Possum Dixon joke. Sad, I know.

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