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Compost Bins

I’ve been sick for a while so I haven’t been able to do much, but my beloved made a compost bin. Eventually we’re going to have three.

Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 1.

I’m just a girl. Sitting here. Watching my chickens forage in my yard while I eat breakfast on my porch.

Reliable With the Ladies

So we have a new layer, Susan, and another one of our Easter Eggers turned out to be a roo. They are teenaged boys, chasing the girls around. They c an usually get Susan, our layer.

Exit, Pursued by a Dog

So we had a stray dog around our property two days ago. We chased him off, but alas, poor Shakespeare. He hath cross-ed the road.

Egg Watch 2017

Our older ladies turned four months on Saturday. So we’ve begun EGG WATCH 2017! Which means I’ve been incessantly googling “how to tell if your chickens are about to start laying eggs” These are our two biggest suspects… Susan and Dottie. Mature looking –… Continue Reading “Egg Watch 2017”

We don’t spoil our chickens at all…

It’s hotter than blue blazes out there so I provided a little cool treat for the ladies.

Zen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance

One of the unexpected pleasures of yard chickens is that every day, just before sunset, we have to go out and feed and water the chickens, then wait for them to put themselves to bed. Now, we could just do the water and food,… Continue Reading “Zen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance”

Chickens In Your Backyard

So I was weeding our once and future berry patch when some very inquisitive chickens happened by.  Meet the chickens.

Yoder Chicken Auction 

So my final fridays are a little different than they used to be. No art walks and wine tastings here. On the last Friday of every month, we go to the Yoder chicken auction. Mennonites to methheads, and everything in between. It’s a trip.

Nobody Here But Us Chickens…

Who are we? Here at the Accidental Homesteader, we have two humans, three cats, and eight chickens.  I’m Kate. There is the husband. We have Cleopatra, an old bitch of a cat. She’s about 11 or so. She just lost her buddy Agamemnon two… Continue Reading “Nobody Here But Us Chickens…”