This Week

Ugh, this week. I’m sad, angry, and embarrassed. I was going to write every day, but this week got me down. Our democracy was in peril. Because the worst person in America is president for *checks watch* 11 more days. And he’s brainwashed millions.

But good things happened too. Some friends and family got their first dose of the vaccine. My sort-of boss is trying to help me move my job duties towards advancement *and* what I want to be doing.

So why do I have a sort-of boss? I work at a nonprofit group. My job title has changed nearly every year. What I was hired to do and what I actually do have never aligned. But I’ve made the best of it and took ownership of what I was doing. October of 2019 we lost our director. I was placed under an adjacent director, who left over the summer. I also report directly to the executive director in his capacity of interim director of my department. The HR director has become my sort-of boss, in that the day-to-day management is done by her.

Ok, only two right now. Here’s hoping we can hire a director for my department in the new year. So I’ll be back to one boss only.

And for giggles, here is and old Oatmeal cartoon that makes me happy.

I am true neutral.

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