PMP’n Ain’t Easy

For the first time since <year redacted> I’m taking a standardized exam. I used to *rock* these. As in studying not one whit and getting 99th percentile. Passed the bar on the first try.

So the last couple of years I’ve been flirting with getting my Project Management Professional credential. I love learning and development, but more on the planning side rather than the knowing all the tax side.

Well, my application to take the exam expires at the end of the year… so here goes nothing.

I have been studying though, because it is not intuitive. But I had my podcast, my textbook, and my practice exams. I’m working on my flash cards.

I’m a firm believer in flash cards. If I write it down it stays better.

I’m reminded for studying for the bar. The year was *muffled*, and the internet was not yet ubiquitous. So that gives you a hint of how long ago we are talking. My third year, I lived with two friends, one in undergrad, and the other in my law school class. Both left in the summer, one to go home, the other to study for his own bar exam.

So I’m in a three bedroom apartment with no internet, no tv, and a looming bar exam. I was taking two bar review classes in different cities half an hour apart. I had a main campus job, plus I was writing briefs for an attorney at home, and was my favorite professor’s research assistant, editing his book. Slowly but surely, I was unspooling.

So as I was studying, as I’d get to Black Letter Law concepts, I’d write them down and stick them on my wall.

Here is an artist’s rendering of my apartment before the bar. OK , it’s John Nash’s shed from A Beautiful Mind. But it looks about right.

Not unspooling yet, but I’m getting nervous. It has math. I want to take this test exactly once.

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