Bully Pulpit

So we put our purchased peeps in with the hatched peeps. All went reasonably well for the first couple of days. The new peeps stayed below in the pen, and the hatched stayed with mama in the coop proper.

They never acknowledged each other. Well, detente over. We woke up and the coop was open (the door doesn’t latch, but stays closed) and Fuzzy Elvis was laying near the coop.

We picked her up and she looked mostly dead. But as Miracle Max says…

So we brought her into our mud room, which appears to be our hospital coop. We tried to clean her up, but that seemed to just agitate her more, so we just left her.

It looks like she got packed in the face.

But we left her alone for a while, and she’s active… so all good?

We are moving summer and her hatchlings to the medium coop, because the hatchlings are just part of the flock. We will leave the other peeps in the nursery coop.

Tomorrow morning before it gets hot I need to refresh the litter in the coops, since it’s going to be in the 40s on Tuesday.

Seriously Kansas, go home, you’re drunk.

I suppose it could be worse, my friends in Denver get snow tomorrow-ish.

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