Newest Member of the Family

Meet Lou.

Lou, or Lupercus, is the Roman protector of flocks.

Excellent, since we want him to protect the chickens. We bought him from a friend of ours. He’s a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

He didn’t like the drive home.

Spent most of it whining, but he likes his new yard. We have a part of the yard fenced off.

He’s gonna be big. Almost 3 ft tall. But he’s “little” now. Only like 15 pounds.

He has a new friend, Buffy.

Buffy has never met anyone that she didn’t love, so she just sauntered in and started following him around. Lou didn’t know what to do with that, so he just rolled with it.

The other chickens are curious.

He’s a sweet little guy. The Husband is already in love, and so is Lou.

ETA1: …and his friend showed him how to jailbreak. He’s banished to the garage for the night and we will fix it in the morning.

ETA2: he’s definitely one of us. He fell down in a little depression in the yard. Klutz.

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