My Week

I’m excited. I have so much extra-curricula stuff this week that I took the whole week off. I don’t have things every day, but enough to disrupt work.

Today: Slept in until 7:30, study for the PMP exam, some light housework, and some garden stuff. Lunch with my parents and then a meeting to evaluate grants for the United Way.

Tomorrow: nothing. Nada.

Wednesday: Same.

Thursday: Lunch with @prairie_peacock if she’s free (are you free?), more grant review.

Friday: Travel and Tourism Council, putzing around in Topeka, or if I’m quick like bunny, Lawrence or KC.

Saturday: lab work with the Kansas Archaeology Training Program.

Sunday: meander home with an extra hour of light in the evenings.

Stuff I wanna do:

  • Prune apple trees
  • Clean mud room
  • Start seeds indoors
  • Plant lettuces and peas outdoors.
  • Sew springy dresses
  • Read
  • Make babaganouj
  • Make ginger ale concentrate
  • Clean sitting room (where can sew)
  • Study for the PMP exam
  • Play Fortnite (I’m embarrassingly good at it)
  • Try not to fret about the big presentation I have when I get back to work

Update: Friday meeting cancelled, so effectively I took a week of vacation to attend two two-hour meetings less than an hour away. Go me! Imma get a pedicure and a haircut with my extra day,

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