Mental health day

I’ve been working like a first year associate for the last few weeks. Just crazy hours and swamped. Originally I was scheduled to go to a Travel and Tourism Council meeting, but it was postponed.

I’d already put it on my calendar and planned four/tens, so I kept it on there and told the awesome boss that I was going to take a mental health day.

Got up and went into Wichita. Started at The Yard, to buy stuff for archaeology camp this weekend. More on that later, but we are channeling our inner Indiana Jones this weekend, and I. Could. Not. Be. More. Excited.

Next up, a pedi at Fresh Spa Market. Pretty orange sparkly toes FTW.

Ignore the excema, going to the dermatologist next week.

Then, on to menard’s for the rest of my stuff.

Please note: a mental health day is no substitute for mental health medical care. Keep taking your drugs, people!

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